This event is made for all age groups and is structured, like many of our evening programs, to create an atmosphere of energy and fun, focused around the program “theme” that evening. Announcements are made throughout the day, including mealtimes, entire camp gatherings, and between activities, regarding the upcoming event. The program officially begins with dinner. Staff and campers come wearing they’re favorite western gear. They’ll be served barbeque, baked beans, and cold slaw, while listening to country music playing in the background. The dining hall is set up with Cowboy Hats and other western paraphernalia to add to the feel of the old west.

In another area of camp, staff will have already constructed the “set.” This includes saloons, town halls, a sound system, a fenced-off dance area, and appearances from special guests, such as John Wayne or Kenny Rogers. Most everyone attending is dressed in his or her western “duds.” There are also a variety of activities if our campers choose not to dance. Those activities include, bucking bronco, root beet shots, bb guns shooting cans, hay rides, kissing cowgirls, card games, roasting marshmallows, smores, horse rides, and not to mention the desserts that the kitchen brings out like churros, apple cobbler with ice cream, and cotton candy.

Notes & Tips:

In order to run all of the side events as well as the dance floor. We rotate our staff in 30 min. shifts with 2 staff at each of the side events. The remainder of the staff is expected to be with campers, either on the dance floor or enjoying one of the side events.

This is one of the most time intensive set-ups we do during the summer, but it is well worth the while. We allow a staff of 4-7 people approximately 5 hours to finalize the set up. The amount of time will vary, directly dependant upon how big you want your event to be.

We utilize a very large area for this activity. Again, the number of side events you have will correspond with the amount of space needed. We have found that a good balance is needed. Spread the activity out, but keep it close enough where it feels like just one big event.


Props that support your different events (ie, playing cards, squirt guns, etc.), sound system
  YES! Print all games and skits

Submitted by: Brian Manhart, (Camp Balcones Springs)

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