New Ropes Course Section - This is just a quickie page!

We collected a variety of resources in May, 2006, and in order to get them to you quickly, we'll post them for download. Over the next couple of weeks, we'll add pictures, element descriptions, and other features based on all of the amazing resources that were submitted. The following are enough to get anyone started!

Also, please check out for the best ropes course and adventure based education resource on the web! Ours will be a close second shortly we hope!

Bark Lake Adventure & Character Manual - Word
Camp Ernst Low Ropes Course Manual - Word
Ghost Ranch Manual - Word - pdf
Bark Lake Challenge Course Manual - Word

Camp Hazen Group Camping Liablity Waiver - pdf
Camp Chanco Liability Waiver - Word

Camp Hazen Team Building Flyer - pdf
Camp Hazen High Ropes Flyer - pdf
Bark Lake Initiatives Course Description - Word
Vacamas Programs for Youth Donation Request - Word

Facilitation/Evaluation Tools
YMCA Camp Mataucha Facilitator Sheet - Excel - pdf
YMCA Camp Mataucha Outcome Measurements Evaluation - Excel - pdf
Bark Lake Staff Challenge Course Log - Word
YMCA Camp Mataucha Values Contract

Thanks again to Universal Ropes Course Builders for providing a $100 gift certificate to their new online equipment store for our raffle to kick-start this new section!

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