Divide the group into two teams. Line up the outfield team as you would for a game of baseball. Line up the infield team in a straight line about 15 feet behind home plate.
The pitcher pitches the soccer ball to the first player, who hits it with the bat. As the ball rolls to the outfield, the batter runs around his team as many times as possible.

Meanwhile, the players in the field line up behind the player who catches the ball. They all stand one behind the other with their legs apart. The player who caught the ball rolls it between his legs and between the legs of his teammates.

When the last player in line gets the ball, he yells "STOP". At his cry, the batter stops running.

The infield scores one point for every three times the batter circled his team. After three batters, teams switch positions.

Play continues for as many innings as time permits.


Bat, Soccer ball
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