The group forms two teams of equal numbers. One is called the Rustlers and the other the Settlers.

A very large circle is drawn on the ground. The Settlers gather together the objects and place these in the centre of the circle.

The Settlers then join hands to form a tight circle around the object, while the Rustlers station themselves outside the circle.

The Rustlers charge at the Settlers and try to enter the circle to take away their objects. The Rustlers may use only their heads and shoulders to enter the Settlers' circle. Once a Rustler enters the circle and gathers up as many objects as he can (maximum five) he is allowed out of the boundary circle.

However, once he is out of the circle, a Settler may break away and chase the Rustler- he must tag him by touching him with the palms of both hands (at the same time!). All captured Rustlers are out of the game.

The game ends when all Rustlers have been captured, or all objects have been taken from the circle.


A large number of objects –shoes, sticks, hats
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