Campers sit in a line. The camper at one end turns to the camper next to him/her and screams

"Would you please pass the salt!" Campers pass this exclamation down the line.

The camper at the other end screams back, "What!?!" which gets passed all the way back in the other direction.

This type of exchange goes back and forth with the following type dialogue:

"I said please pass the salt!"
"I can't find it!"
"It's next to the pepper!"
"Oh! Here you go!"
"Thank you!"
"Don't mention it!"

Finally, once all of the back and forth is done, the first camper gets and uses the salt and tastes the food.

"That's not salt! That's sugar! Aarrgh!"

Then everyone says together, "And the moral of the story is...always label your condiments!"
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Submitted by: Brian Dailey, (Program Director - Oak Crest Day Camp)

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