1. Everyone stands in a circle around or in a line in front of one person with the Boffer (pool noodles are great!) far enough away as not to be hit.

2. The Samurai swings at the group, either high, at head level, or low at ankle level.

3. If he swings high, the group ducks.

4. If he swings low, the group jumps.

5. He is not actually supposed to hit the participants with the sword, but if someone jumps when they are supposed to duck or vice versa, they are “out” until the one left is the next Samurai.

1)For a no loser’s game, the person who does the wrong thing can become the Samurai

2) For no losers, have two circles and person who goes wrong, switches circles


Boffers (nerf sword or pool noodles)
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