there was once this guy named william that went to a hotel to pick a room to stay for a night...the owner in the lobby awared william not to go near the room next to his...this made william even more curious, so he went to look the room through the keyhole..he saw a white old man and a woman standing...he didnt know what it was so he asked the lobby guy to tell him the story...the guy in the lobby said"you dont wanna know so dont ask" so the next time william again got a chance to see the room through the keyhole and saw that everywhere was red without leaving a white everywhere....william thought that it was just a piece of cardboard the lobby guy put so he couldnt see anything and ask any more questions. but even still he went downstairs to the lobby to ask again. the lobby man wouldnt tell him anything but william kept on insisting until the lobby man said it at last he said..."long time ago there was this young couple that were in that room,they had a fight and eventually got to kill each other and

their eyes are......RED!!!!!
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Submitted by: Ruby Nothing

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