The house

“Not again!”
The car broke down again. My best friend and my girlfriend was with me. There in the distance was a big old house. We walked up. As I knocked on the door….I heard a creaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkk and bats flew over our heads. As we went in we decided to split up. I went in to the nearest door ,Amanda (my girlfriend) went down stairs ,and Steven (my best friend) went up stairs . As I looked around I saw only a single chair in the middle of a ball room. There I saw a weird white figure sitting in the chair. As you would imagine I was freaked out and I didn’t know what that figure was. And so I looked again . I finally had the courage to speak . “Ex-Ex-Excuse me um-m s-s-sir?” The thing moved, fast! It spun and spun. And I was too freaked out to say anything! I ran. And ran and ran! I soon was in a room with a bunch of blood and knifes …. And in the middle of the room was STEVEN! He had a spear threw his head with a note attached. It read :



So I ran downstairs but I noticed something about the house. The walls were covered in blood! As I reached the first door it had blood won it but it was also into writing.
I read it out loud “ As you enter this door you will have a chose and there is some one dying in each chose.” So I didn’t know what there was to do. So I opened the door I went inside. I saw nothing but pitch black. I heard a BANGGG! The door! There was a single light in a long hallway and a girl tied up. As I thought no one else was in the house I figured it was Amanda. As I ran I noticed I was not running but slipping and sliding in blood! As I reached her I saw that she was all cut up in the face. Her eye had been stabbed and her dress was torn and bloody and there was another note but not with a spear this time. No much worse, it was with a hook and written in blood.
I never got time to read it. I died that night.

The cops looked for me everywhere. But they never found Amanda, Steven, Me, My car, or the

Scary story by Corrina


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Submitted by: Corrina Kingbird

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