once there was a girl her name was lucy. she was chatting on msn with a lady she doesnt know . lucy asked her "whats your name" no replies but then a message appears asking what is your name lucy replied to her sayng her name and asking her what is yours. after a minute or two a message comes and it said "mary, bloody mary. lucy was shocked at first but then she thought this was a joke another message appeared and it said " you have to tell atleast 20 people about me in 10 hours or else in the morning you will die. lucy did not believe it and she did not send it for twenty people

the next morning she woke up went to the bathroom to brush her teeth . while she was brushing her teeth the door slamed shut, lucy tried opening the door but it was locked!!
the lights turned off by it self her heart was filled with terror . she lifted her head up towards the mirror and saw a lady she had long hair and a knife with her left hand then the lady said "you did not do as i told u so now you will die . that morning her parents went to the bathroom and found their daughter dead and there was a note on the mirror saying " im bloody mary i will haunt u if u dont listen just like they haunted me!!!!
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Submitted by: Jessica Barakat

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