"We'll see you later, Carly!" The parents waved to the teen babysitter as she sunk into the couch. "Call us if there's any trouble," they reminded.

Carly smiled back in response. "I will, Mr. and Mrs. Jones," she grinned.

For a split second, Mrs. Jones looked worried, as if she wasn't sure what was going to happen tonight. Carly dismissed it as the door slammed.

After all, Carly had been the Jones's babysitter for the last 5 years and nothing had gone wrong with 7-year-old Jamie and 2-year-old Harmony. Carly turned the TV on and flicked through the channels. All that was on was the news.

Carly tapped her head with her knuckles. The Jones's never believed in cable, so all they had was the news to watch.

"A clown head was stolen?" a young reporter asked to the old man next to her.

His face was grim. "They didn't even take the body," he remarked. "Just the head."

Carly scoffed. The news had nothing better to do than interview him.

After she turned off the TV, Carly went to clean up. She opened up the closet to get the broom and mop. As she turned on the light, she noticed something had fallen at her feet. Putting her hand over her mouth, she gasped. She tried to scream but it was almost impossible. A disembodied clown head lied at her feet. The clown head fit the description on the news perfectly.

His face was carved up in a red smile and his eyes were coal black. Something that looked like red eyeliner dripped out of his eyes. Its eyes glanced up at Carly, just as black foam dripped from the head. The foam was like acid on Carly's foot.

She stumbled back onto the floor, but the clown was nowhere to be seen. It had disappeared. Carly's heart slowed down. The clown had just claimed its last victim.

When the police came, Carly's death was unexplained. If only Carly hadn't died. She could have told the police that it was the clown. Except, it wasn't a mannequin.

The clown had a beating heart.

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Submitted by: Khloe Martinez

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