Scatter is an easy game once you get the hang of it.

1) A counselor/guardian yells " Scatter! " and throws the ball into the air.

2) If someone get the ball, they can only take 5 steps. At this point they can do 2 things:

2 A) The person with the ball can throw the ball at a person. If the ball hits this person, they are out.

2 B) The person with the ball can yell Scatter, and either yell the person's name and throw it to the person who's name was said, ( IE: If I said Scatter David, I throw it to David. ), or yell scatter and throw it into the air.

3) If someone catches the ball, the person who threw it is out.

4) If the person who got you out gets out, ( IE: If bob got me out, and bob gets out. ) You get back in.


One Gator-Skin Ball ( Gator-skin recommended. )


This game doesn't really end until the Counselor/Guardian says, " That's Game! "
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Submitted by: Carlie Sonnefeldt

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