Scoober is a game were defense is as important as offense. Teams throw a disc and try to knock cups off a fiberglass pole. Opponents can try and catch the cups to prevent offense from scoring.


Set Includes: • 4 Sticks • 2 Discs • 6 Cups


The great thing about Scoober is that there are general guidelines, not rules. But if you’re the kind of person that needs rules, Scoober basic rules are listed below. Scoober© Rules • Teammates play on same side facing opponents with Scoober sticks spaced 14″ apart. (Scoober disc plus a foot width) • The team with the shortest, youngest, hairiest player throws first. (Any fun way to determine throwing order) • Each player throws one disc. When both teammates finish it is the other teams turn. • Players must throw from the players box (Behind the Scoober© sticks) • Defense must not interfere with disc or poles until after it crosses plane of sticks. • Offense gets 2 points by throwing a Scoober disc “CLEAN” through the opponents sticks, and 1 point if you should knock off a cup and it hits the ground. (If both players on same team get the disc clean through then they get the discs back.) Note: If thrown short, discs that roll or skip clean through the sticks, still receive 2 points. • If the defense catches a cup in the air before it hits the ground no point will be given. Defense does not put cup back on stick until after both opposing players have thrown. • First team to 15 points wins. (If first team to reach 15 threw first, then the opposing team gets last throw) • Have fun, get sweaty, get dirty and enjoy the best sport you’ve never played!
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Submitted by: Seth Beekman

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