Before the players come into the room, the leader scatters the objects about the room in inconspicuous places. Use all of one object, such as toothpicks, macaroni or pennies.

Divide the group into even teams, with 5- 6 people per team. Give each team the name of a different animal.

Each team chooses a captain.

On “GO”, all teams begin to search the room for the objects.

The special rule is this: only the captain of each team may touch and collect the objects. Therefore, in order to attract the captain's attention, the team members must make the sound of their team's animal.

The captains listen for their team's sound, and race to collect as many objects as possible.

The team whose leader collects the most number of objects at the end of a given time limit is the winner.

VARIATIONS: Have several “stashes” of objects -e.g. 30- 40 toothpicks under a can, or in a corner under a box. Team members will get VERY excited as
they try to attract their captain to collect the 'stash'.

ADDITIONS: When the game is over, give each team five minutes to construct the figure of their team's animal (eg. make the outline of a rooster, using the pieces of macaroni collected by the rooster team).

Give each team 5 minutes to create a cheer or yell. Let each team introduce itself to the other team before the big search begins.


Large number of small objects ( eg. macaroni. toothpicks. pieces of string)
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