1. Glue each shell to the end of a short piece of yarn. Use liquid white glue.

2. Let dry overnight.

3. Punch eight holes equally spaced on the top of a plastic coffee-can lid. Use a sharp pencil or a paper punch.

4. Hold the lid with the rim facing up. Push the eight pieces of yarn through the eight holes of the underside of the lid.

5. Tie the end of each piece of yarn in a large knot. Make the knot bigger than the hole so the yarn will not slip through.

6. Punch two more holes on opposite edges of the lid.

7. Push one end of a large piece of yarn from the top of the lid through one hole. It should come out on the underside of the chime.

8. Tie a large knot.

9. Push the other end of the yarn through the other hole and knot it.

10. Hang the chime on the branch of a tree or in your window.


8 seashells (available from the beach, or at craft supply stores); 1 plastic coffee-can lid; knitting yarn scraps; liquid white glue; sharp pencil or paper punch.


The Seashell wind chime will make a lovely sound when the wind blows through it.
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