-Divide campers into two even teams; have teams decide which one will receive the "football"--a small ball or object that can be concealed within a closed fist--first.

-The receiving team starts near its own goal line; they have four downs, or chances, to advance the ball across the opposing team's goal line for a touchdown (worth one point).

-The receiving team (offense) huddles up and campers decide who will carry the ball for that down.

-Everyone, including the ball carrier, clenches their fists on both hands, hiding which person has the ball.

-Then the offense spreads themselves out across their "line of scrimmage"--the imaginary line where they hike the ball--and on a command to "hike", or "go", they take off running for the other team's goal line.

-The defensive team must tag every player from the offense. Upon being tagged, the player stops and opens his/her hands, revealing whether or not they have the ball.

-Wherever the ballcarrier is tagged is where the new line of scrimmage will be (unless they score).

-If the offense scores within their four downs, the other team starts its possession near its own goal line.

-If the offensive team fails to score, the other team takes over on downs at the spot where the fourth down was stopped.

-This game is a fun game of deception; the object is to keep the other team guessing as to who has the ball. What is really good is that not only do the athletic children shine, but the youngest and smallest can be effective, vital players as well. Thus, everyone has an equal chance for fun and participation and to contribute in the effort to help their team.


-25 yard field -4 cones for end markers -one small object such as a super ball, paper clip, or chapstick tube


-For every possession, each team is trying trick the other team in order to score a touchdown, or goal, worth one point. -This game is fun for all ages; it teaches cooperation and teamwork between young and old. -All ages have an equal chance to play and score for their team. -As a result, most campers enjoy playing this game.
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Submitted by: Kurt Leapley

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