1. Pass pieces of paper/cards out to players and get them to write their names on them.

  2. Put names into a hat/bag.

  3. Each player picks a name from the hat and cannot show it to any other players. This is their new secret identity.

  4. Divide players into 2 equal teams and make sure everyone knows who is on their team. Put half of group A on one side of a line and the other half on the other side. Same with group B. All players sit down and place their name-cards face down on the ground.

  5. Designate which side will belong to which team.

The point of the game is for each team to try to move all of their teammates to their designated side. To make a person switch sides, a teammate must call out a person’s name. The tricky thing is that at the beginning no one knows what their teammates “secret identities” are.

Toss a coin to determine who goes first. Let’s say Team A wins and Kelly aka secret identity “Alex” (name on card) calls out the name “Todd”. The person with the name-card “Todd”, not actual Todd, switches name-cards with “Alex” and crosses to the other side. Now “Todd” becomes “Alex” and “Alex” becomes “Todd”. A person from team B then gets to call out a name, and so on and so on....

*thanks to Laurie Horstman's Four On a Couch-Bench (see circle games) where this variation came from.


Supplies: Enough namecards/pieces of paper for each player. Pen or pencil. Coin. Bag or hat.


Team with the most teammates on their side at the end of the time allowed (or all of their teammates if there is no time limit) is the winner.
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