Take as many film canisters as you have people. In each film canister, put an object.

The objects you pick can be like the following: cotton balls, pennies, paperclips, jelly beans, m&m's, etc. If you have 30 people and you want to divide them into three groups of 10 each, you would place a cotton ball in 10 of the canisters, a paperclip in 10 of the canisters, and a penny in 10 of the canisters.

Each individual then picks a canister from a bag, basket or some other container. They can not look or smell in the canister. They can only shake the canister to distinquish the different sounds of the objects.

The object is for the individual to find persons in the group with a like sounding object and stay with that group. There are many variations on this game.
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