Ship/Shore is similar to Simon Says.
There is one person that is IT (a.k.a. Simon). IT stands at the front of the group and calls out commands that the rest of the campers must do. If a camper does the wrong action, or if it is an action that requires them to get into groups and there is a person without a group, then they are out.

Some of the actions are:
'Ship' all campers move towards the ship (one side of the playing field)
'Shore' all campers move towards the shore (the opposite side of the playing field)
'Man overboard' 2 person action. One person gets down on hands and knees. The other person puts one foot on the back of the person on the ground and shades their eyes like they are looking into the distance for someone.
'Crows nest' 3 person action. 3 campers get together with their backs towards each other and lock arms.
'Captain's coming'. Each person must salute. Campers cant move from 'captains coming' until IT calls 'at ease'. If a player moves, they are out. (similar to in Simon Says when IT says 'jump up and down' rather than 'simon says up and down')
'At ease'. All campers put their hands at their sides and can continue when the next action is called.
'Hit the deck'. All campers lay down on their bellies.
'Three men in a boat'. 3 campers get together in a line and squat. They must act like they are rowing a boat while they sing "Row Row Row Your Boat".
'Octopus'. Campers must lay on their backs with their arms and feet waving in the air.
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Submitted by: Rebecca Minkwitz, (Recreation Supervisor - Freeport Park District)

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