Everyone pairs up (groups of two). They introduce themselves and start out with a silly handshake. On a call from the leader they then split groups and find a new partner, introduce themselves and do a different handshake.

Once you have gone through 4-5 different handshakes the leader will then call out one of the handshakes and participants will run to find the correlating partner.

Handshake examples:
Mork: hands are connected between the middle and the ring finger
Walleye: fingers are place on the inside of the forearm, almost to the elbow, and hand is slapped against the forearm
Hoedown: Dance a jig in front of each other
Chicago: Headbanger stance
Cool Guy: Grab hand with a wrapped grip around the thumbs and do the chest bump and back slap
Lumber Jack: right and to right hand, and left hand to left hand thumb wrap grips so that the arms are in an X. Then they push and pull back and forth like they are cutting a tree.
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