This game is a larger version of capture the flag.

Divide the campers into two teams. Do the same with the counselors. It is also a good idea to have a judge off to the side to make decisions about the rules. This can be a counselor or a camper who does not or cannot run. Mark off the playing field with the cones. Place the two hula hoops at opposite ends of the playing field, but with at least three feet of room away from the border of the field. Place three flags into each of the hula hoops. Place the long rope down the middle of the field to divide it in half to form two sides. Players try to reach the opposite side's hula hoop, grab a flag and make it back to their side without being tagged by a member of the opposite team. Once players are tagged, they must sit down and wait to be freed by a member of their own team. Once freed, the player has a free pass back to their side of the field. They must put both feet on their side before going back to the hula hoop. The first team with all six flags on their side is the winner.

Specific Rules:
--Once a player has been tagged, there must be a ten foot radius between them and the opposite team members. If a person is chasing, this rule does not apply. It only applies for guarding.
--The flag must be visible when running back. No balling up in a fist, hiding in pockets, etc. The players can only hold the bottom four inches of the flag. (This is where a referee becomes useful!) If the flag is balled up, the player must give the flag to a member of that team to return to the hula hoop, and the player must return to their side of the field before they can return to the hoop.
--Players must have at least one foot inside the hoop to be safe. They can stay there as long as they would like, but once they step out of the hoop, they must try to return to their side (with or without the flag).
--No sliding. Especially into the hoop. Bad way to get injuries.
--Players must stay within the boundaries of the field. If they step outside of the boundaries, they must sit down and wait to be freed by a member of their team.
--Players can free as many of their teammates as they wish before they are tagged themselves.
--Players can only tag the torso of the other team. No legs, head swatting. Tell the campers they cannot touch where the bathing suit would cover.
--Once players are freed, they must head straight back to their side. They cannot head to the hula hoop, they cannot free other members of their team. They must put both feet on their side of the field before they can cross back over.
--All strategizing is allowed and mass charges are amazing to do and fun to set up.

Have fun!! We play this game every night we love it so much!

Can play at any age, but the older they are, the more physical it gets.

Can also use any group size (we used 14 once), but make sure you have a large enough field to accommodate all the bodies!


Long piece of rope, four traffic cones, two hula hoops, six long pieces of fabric for flags each about three inches wide by two feet long.


Be the first team to get all six flags on your team's side of the field, or the team with the most flags at the end of the time.
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Submitted by: Lynne McAvoy

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