Arrange all kids into teams - each team elects a rep.
That rep is blindfolded.

The kids form a U shape around half a basketball court or similar.

The team reps are instructed that they must find an item in the space - the kids on the sides are used to keep them safe - and to keep them from straying outside the area.

The reps can compete one at a time, or better - all together - with their own team members yelling directions to them from the side.

The objects I use are usually chocolate bars. If the chocolate bar is not found within thirty seconds, another is added on top and when the next team reps are blindfolded they are again placed somewhere in the field of play.

This goes on until someone finds the booty - I have got up to about six bars.

You can do many variations eg have balloons to be found and popped and also party poppers. The noise in our gym is tremendous and I don't think I have heard anything more involved or louder - particularly when six large bars of chocolate are up for grabs!

We have develop a a whole series of problem solving and team challenge games and each has a debriefing.

This game is named after the golfing competition called "Skins" where if no golfer wins a hole under par, then the money jackpots to the next hole and accumulates.


Blocks of chocolate Blind folds Flat large area - carpeted if possible


To find certain objects while blindfolded and also trying to listen to instrcutions from your team.
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Submitted by: Darryl Deacon

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