Peanut Butter
One camper comes in eating a large jar of peanut butter with her fingers. She sits down in a chair and says mm..i love peanut butter, it can fix anything! A second camper comes in, carefully rubbing her shoulders. She says I FORGOT MY SUNSCREEN, now I have this horrible sunburn! The first camper says, really, well peanut butter fixes everything! She then proceeds to rub a bit of peanut butter on the sunburned area. This continues with several more campers, one who forgot her shampoo, one who forgot her shower shoes, one who forgot her deoderant, and one who forgot her razor. After each camper states her problem the first camper says "really, Peanut butter fixes everything:" and shares. While all of this action is going on the first camper is continually eating peanut butter. Finally, the last camper comes on with a box of crackers. She says, Gee I really hate plain crackers. Everyone on stage says:Peaunt Butter fixes EVERYTHING! Everyone then takes the crackers and uses them to eat the Peanut butter which is by now on all of the campers. THis skit is gross but a camp favorite.
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Submitted by: Ashley Pounds

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