There are two people a councler and a kid.
they are walking along and kid sits down.
the kid is watching something
councler:come on. I'm hungry let's go
kid: a worm
councler: just come on
kid: pick up the worm
councler:no just come on
kid:(makes a pop sound and pretends to pick up the worm)
councler: if I pick it up will you come to eat?
kid:(repeatsmotion and sound)
councler:fine(picks up worm)
councler:(acts grossed out)ok now lets go
kid:(still on ground)
kid:kiss the worm
councler:I don't want to kiss the worm let's go
kid:(makes a kissing sound)
councler:if i kiss it will you come
kid:(repeats kissing sound)
councler:(kisses the worm and acts discused)
councler:now can we go
kid:(stays in place)
kid:break the worm in half
councler:i don't want to it looks so peaceful
kid:(makes poping sound)
councler:if I break it in half will you come with me?
kid:(makes poping sound)
councler:fine(breaks it in half)
councler:can we go NOW
kid:eat the worm
councler: i don't want to eat it
kid:(makes munching sound)
councler:(eats the worm and acts completely disgusted)
kid:(starts crying)
councler:what...what did I do?
Kid:(between crying)

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Submitted by: Kirsten Tattersall

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