Assign everyone in the group a number, starting at number one and progressing consecutively.

Have the entire group get the rhythm of slapping their hands on their legs twice, clapping twice, then snapping twice. Don't go too fast, you won't be able to play the game!

Have everyone start doing the slap, clap, snap sequence.

Then start the game by having the person with number 1 say, on the snaps, 1 then another person's number.

The person that had their number called then says their number on the first snap of the next time through the sequence, and another number on the second snap.

The game goes on until one person makes a mistake by not saying the correct numbers or not being on time with the snaps.

The person who makes a mistake must go to the end of the numbers and everyone after that person shifts down a number.

This game can go on as long as you like, HAVE FUN!


Cards with numbers starting from one and up.


Break the tension in cabin groups or teams.
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Submitted by: Shannon Koenders

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