1. Mark a large 30 foot circle on the beach or field.
2. Divide group into two even teams.
3. Have each team dig a hole large enough for the ball to fit in or use a inner tube.
4. Have group remove their shoes.
5. Use arm band to mark teams.
6. Start with teams placing balls in hole or tube.
7. All players must remain in a crawling position, on hands and knees.
8. Object is for one team to place their ball in the others hole.
9. Any person who has limb or body moved outside of the playing circle, is out of the game until the next round.
10. “Ganging up” may not seem fair, but is permissible.

ADAPTATIONS: Game can also be played without the use of balls, first team to remove all of the other team members wins, called “Annihilation”


2 Medicine, Playground or Basketballs
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