Divide the group into teams of 4 - 6 people, and line them up in straight lines that stretch from one end of the playing area to the other (8-10 feet between team members).

The first player on each team is given the paper cups. On "GO" he builds a pyramid on the ground in front of himself. (using all ten cups) when he is finished, he and the second player on his team try to carry the pyramid from his spot to the place where the second player sat.

If they drop any part of the pyramid, they can re - build it where it fell and then continue their walk. When they reach the proper spot, the second player tumbles the pyramid, and then re-builds it so that he and the third player can advance the pyramid to the third location .

The relay ends when all of the slaves have built, moved and tumbled the pyramid. Players have their choice of how to move the pyramid, they may want to pick it up by the four cup base or try to slide it across the floor or ground.
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