Game Description: Smugglers is a late night competition between four teams (villages). Each team will be provided with a set amount of cargo in which they must smuggle to a central location. Each night the game will run from 10:30 pm to 3:00 am. Only two cabins from each village will be allowed to carry out the mission per night. The Game will run consecutively starting Monday going until Friday night. Units will start in their villages and will have to locate their stash which will be marked with their respective colors. Each unit will take the cargo and attempt to smuggle it across “Night Watcher” territory and into safe haven which will be marked by a glow in the dark box. The box will be located in a different area every night and clue may or may not be given about the whereabouts of the box. Watch out! Players must watch out for the “Night Watchers”. If caught by the night watchers, the unit caught must go to the dungeon for the night. Males: Tree house. Females: Wigwam. The units cargo will also be forfeited for the night and no points will be awarded. Campers and Staff will need to go back to vllage to get their things to spend the night in the dungeon. Cargo may change forms between nights. One night your unit maybe carrying tennis balls, the next a canoe!

(A Note on Night Watchers)
Night watchers are the last people that you want to run into. Night Watcher syndrome is a condition that turns normal counselors into patrol maniacs between the hours of 11:pm and 3:00 am. These kind hearted people are transformed into hunting machines who will find you, take your loot and send you to jail. Night Watcher's territory is usually in the heart of camp and the headquarters is a eerie tent marked by dismal and grizzly trophies and décor. Night Watchers usually ply music in their quarters when they are there. If you don't hear music Watch Out, they are on the loose! When scavenging for loot on the move, Night Watchers bare a Red Light and are usually silent so watch for the red light. Night Watchers WILL NOT POP OUT AND SCARE YOU!!!!

Game Rules:
1)Only 2 Cabins from each village per night 1 cabin = 1 Unit therefore 2 units per village per night will be allowed to go on a mission.
2)Boundaries will be on the main camp side of cushion peak only.
3)No one is allowed to speak about Smugglers during the day. The only time you are allowed to discuss Smugglers in private meetings or during game hours. You are allowed to come up with secret code among your team for daytime discussion.
4)Kids must stay in their unit.
5)All players must be creative as possible in order to succeed in smuggling.
6)Program areas such as climbing tower, pool, shooting ranges and program buildings are off limits unless approved by the director or program director and proper supervision is present.
7)Units from other teams may not steal another units cargo.
8)If units of other teams do run into each other, you must respect smuggling code and not interfere.

Hold meetings to discuss strategy (what worked or didn't work) before bed time.
Encourage your kids to make sophisticated systems. Maybe you can invent something to aid you in transporting your loot.
Pay attention to Night Watcher habits. Look for windows of opportunity. Night Watchers are very scheduled and never miss rounds.
Avoid Lighted areas. Stay Quiet. Wear dark colors. Be stealthy.


Glow Sticks Halloween decorations Tent Music with speakers objects for loot glow in the drk paint


Objective: The game of is a late night team building game designed to promote comrodery between cabins as well as improving problem solving skills of both staff and campers. One of our themes for camp this year is “breaking the rules without breaking the rules”. This game will facilitate and cater to this theme by running after curfew while maintaining organization to promote safety.
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Submitted by: Cory Evans, (Program Director - South Mountain YMCA)

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