At least two people need to know how to play this game.
One of the two who know how to would leave the room and the campers and other person will pick a celebrity.
When they bring the person back, there are three ways they can let them know what name they will be spelling out:

- When they say "Snaps IS the name of the game" they mean that they will be doing the name of the celebrity (ie Britney Spears)
- When they say "Snaps MAY BE the name of the game" they mean that they will be doing the common name of the celebrity (ie Madonna)
- When they say "Snaps ISN'T the name of the game" they mean they will be doing a character of a celebrity, or something they are well known for. (ie Laura Croft, which would be Angelina Jolie)

Here is an example. Let's say someone is doing Laura Croft. They will say "snaps isn't the name of the game". So you know they're doing a character.

Then they will say a phrase that starts with the letter "L" such as "Lets see if you can guess it." And that's how you do the consonants.

When you come to the vowels you snap 1-5 times depending on the vowel.

1 - A
2 - E
3 - I
4 - O
5 - U

So, Laura Croft
"Snaps is not the name of the game. Lets see if you can guess it. *one snap*..*five snaps* Really? you don't get it yet? *one snap* Can you get it? Really try hard. *four snaps* For sure, you've got it now. Time's almost up."
Make sure you pause between each letter. Make it seem like you're in disbelief that no one can guess what the trick is.


Two people must know how to play.


To guess how the game is played.
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Submitted by: Lisa Cardinal

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