This is a Native American game, used to develop listening skills, and the ability to move silently. You will need a blindfold and a smallish object (shoe, book, softball…)

Have the group stand in a circle, with one volunteer in the middle who will be blindfolded. Place the object at their feet. Now, the leader points to one person who will “sneak” toward the middle to try and get the item. The entire group needs to be very quiet (sometimes a challenge). The blindfolded person in the middle is instructed to point in any direction they think they hear sound. If the sneaking person is pointed at, they must go back, and the leader points to someone else. The leader may begin pointing to more than one person at a time if they choose.

Note: You can begin by teaching them the “fox” walk”. Raise your foot to knee height (above any brush in the woods), and slowly bring it toward the ground. Touch your pinky toe down first, slowly bringing down the rest of the outside of the foot, then gradually rolling in until the whole foot is on the ground.
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