In order to do this game you will need some soft cones place out in a large rectangle (approx 15m x 8m but this can be modified), as many very soft sponge balls as possible (min. 10).

All the kids (except two) line up at one end of `Snow Ball Alley´ i.e. the short end of the rectangle. The other two stand along the long sides of the rectangle with a ball or two each.

When the group leader says go, all the kids to try to get to the other side with being hit with the ball. If they do get his with the ball then they become the snowball throwers. Each time a runner becomes a thrower then give them a ball.

Important points.

1 - If there are a lot of kids then it is good to not let them all run at the same time. e.g. ´girls go´ or ´those that have a blue jumper go´. This way it can be played safely with large numbers.

2- Head shots do not count as hits.


Cones and sponge balls


To reach the other side without getting hit by a sponge ball.
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Submitted by: Robert Jones

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