A bowling pin or plastic pop botle is set up at each end of gym, room, or whatever indoor smooth surface. Build the snowmanin in the middle of the room you using 3 rings (diving ring, ringuette ring, etc) and three balls (big ball, smaller ball, and smallest ball). Place the first ring on floor, and the first ball on the first ring. Put the second ring on the first ball. Put the second ball on the second ring and then the third ring on the second ball, and the third ball on the third ring. The three balls on top of each other = snowman.

Kids are divided into two teams and each team is numbered off. The leader calls a number or two and the kids jump up and rush the snowman. ALL THREE BALLS ARE IN PLAY. The first team to knock the other teams pin or bottle over with a ball scores a point. The snowman is rebuilt and new numbers called.

This is a great game which allows unathletic kids to score points, and it can be stretched out as only 2,4 or 6 kids play at a time.


Indoor smooth surface, three balls, three rings


Tackle the snowman, knock over the pin
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Submitted by: Andrew Middleton

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