Take a sock and fill it with a number of small objects.

Have all the campers sit in a circle with the first person holding the sock.

The person pulls out an object (without looking to see what they're getting) and starts a story based on that object for a few sentences.

Then the person puts the item back and passes the sock on. The next person pulls out an item and continues the story.

Itís fine if the same object gets pulled out more than once because it could inspire many different story lines. A tiny toy dinosaur, for example, could mean that a giant dinosaur shows up, or it could mean that the characters go to a natural history museum, or that they found a fossil, et cetera.

I suggest that adults or older campers do the first few parts of the story so that smaller campers get the idea. You may want to have a timer of some kind so that shy campers don't say one sentence and pass it on and more outgoing campers don't hold onto it for twenty minutes. Set the timer for about thirty seconds per person.

Small items can be found at hobby shops where you can find miniature anything in the doll house section or the model train section. Also, beads in shapes of every day items are fun too. You can also use items from around your house like a paper clip, a crayon, a button, a pop can tab, a piece of string, a small toy and any other small item that you can get your hands on.

Safety note: This game is not suitable for children three and under because of the small pieces that are potential choking hazards.


Sock Small ojects Timer (optional)


To create a fun, original story.
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Submitted by: Erica Nichols

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