You Need: White tube socks, dark blue or black tube socks. Creativity
The Rules: Played throughout the entire camp. Be sure to set boundaries. Set safe zones (also no running zones) where kids can take a breather. Maximum two minutes in the safe zones.
The Game: Campers will be split into two teams, White Socks and Black Socks. The socks must be tucked into the back of the pants and visible. Several staff or CITs will set up a points station (also a first aid station) to record hostage points. This is basically free for all tag. The campers must run around trying to pull each other’s socks off. If someone pulls your sock, you are captured and must be taken to the points station. Hostages are worth their age times 10. CITs are worth 150, counselors are worth 250. Once points are recorded, the captor and the hostage are free to return to the game. Put up the peace sign and walk back out to the playing area. You can not be captured at this time. Some counselors and CITs will be special characters that are immune to being caught. They can capture hostages for their side, but are not allowed to collect the points for them. The special characters must take their hostages to the points station, then they can release them. Captors MUST accompany their hostages to the points station. There will also be objects hidden in the woods that are awarded an allotted amount of points. Find these and return them to the Lodge to receive those points. Hidden objects can be worth up to 1000 points. At the end of the game, the winner will be the group with the most points. We have played this game for hours.
Themes: This game started out with a Star Wars theme, but has gotten more creative. Other themes we have done: Lord of the Rings. Counselors dressed as hobbits and elves, made shields and axes out of cardboard. Immune characters were Shelob the spider and the Balrog. Hidden objects included the ring and Gandalf’s staff. We did Transformers with Autobots vs. Decepticons. Counselors were the two main characters. CITs dressed as some of the transformers, wearing yellow and black to be Bumblebee, etc. Immune characters were Megatron and Optimus Prime. Hidden objects included the All Spark, a stuffed dog and Matchbox cars. For Pirates of the Caribbean, counselors were various characters wielding fake swords and wearing eyeliner and fake tattoos. The immune character was the Kraken. Hidden objects included a “chest of gold” and Davy Jones’ heart. If you have a camp legend of good and evil (ours is Smoot vs. Shadowfox) that is also a lot of fun. The kids know the legend and really get into it.


White tube socks, black tube socks


Free for all tag game.
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Submitted by: Casey Stull, (Nature Programs Developer - Indian Village Day Camp)

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