Not an activity, but a song to add to your camp songs/sentimental. I remember this from Camp Rocky Craig in Kent CT when I was a Brownie (1963 or so). It's a pretty song, and there are probably a few folks that have heard it.

Tall Pines

Tall pines, quiet trails
First star, showing pale
Wind song fills the sky
As the lone bird begins its evening cry
Night time has magic to share
Campfire brings a warming glow
'Neath the tall pines along the quiet trail.

Dawn’s light finds everything fair
Day’s come and it’s round up time
So reach out, the world is wide
Reach up, touch the sky
Friendships will never fail
‘Neath these tall pines
Along a quiet trail

I very much enjoyedgoing through the songs and was very pleased to see ones that I remember from the prehistoric times when I was a kid.

My daughter suggests adding Cat Steven's 'Moonshadow' to the list, too---she learned it at ith Italian Center Day Camp in Stamford CT and to her it will always be a Camp Song!


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Submitted by: Valerie Anderson

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