Spider's Web

The Spider's Web is a popular ropes course element that is constructed between trees, or on portable or stand-alone structures.

The objective is to cross from one side of the spider's web to the other without touching the web. The group must create a plan that takes participant physical ability and size to lift, pass, and spot participants in order to get them through.

Sample Story Line

  1. Explain to the group that they were exploring caves, looking for treasure, in a remote part of the world. (You'll notice a lot of "remote" locations in our activities).
  2. Fortunately, they were able to find the treasure in the last cave they were looking in. Unfortunately, a giant poisonous spider has spun a web across the entrance to the cave while they were inside. There are no other ways out of the cave.
  3. The group must help each other through the web without touching it, else that person would become stuck in the extremely sticky web. Really! Just brushing against a strand ever so slightly would cause someone to become stuck.
  4. Although very strong and sticky. The web is very sensitive. The vibrations from someone passing through a hole causes it to close, making it impossible to pass another full body through the hole. For some unknown reason, it is still large enough to put hands through.
  5. The entire group must get through, because each member of the team has a special piece of the map needed to get back to safety. You can't just give the map pieces to save the others, either, as it is tattooed on your body.
  6. Good Luck!

Some facilitiation tips:

  • Be sure the group has practiced spotting and lifting, and that they are mature enough to safely do both. This activity requires lifting and must be taken seriously.
  • Use clothes pins to mark holes that have been passed through. After the first few people go through, it's almost impossible to remember which holes are available to use.
  • You can add a time restriction if you like. The spider will be back in 15 minutes, afterall.
  • Rope Variation: You can use this element by threading a rope through all of the holes without it ever touching the web. This variation is diffucult in its own right, but is perfect for groups that you do not want to do lifting for any reason.
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