Method 1: Two players start out as "its" or "spiders". The other players are considered "humans". When a human is tagged by a spider, they go to the center of the play area (the "web"). The players in the web must lay on their backs and connect (touch) by using their hands, arms, legs and heads to form a web-like structure. Once all humans are in the web, the spiders choose two captured players to "eat". These players are the spiders in the next round.

Method 2: This version is best played in a large dark room with any light sources turned off or covered. Choose two spiders like the first method, and give all humans neon jerseys/flags and a headlamp or flashlight.

In this version humans cannot run (but can fast walk) and the game is played in rounds. Time each round for two and a half minutes. When a human is tagged, they go to the web as normal. After the round ends, the spiders choose one human trapped in the web to become a "egg". This player stays near the web in a fetal position the next round, and the round after that becomes a spider and discards their human gear (neon and flashlight). All non-egged humans stay in the web for all rounds until egged or a human not in the web touches them. A human can save up to two humans in the web at any time. Play until all players are in the web, eggs or spiders.


Materials listed in Method 2.
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Submitted by: Joshua Butler

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