You will need at least 3 people for this skit. To start off, one person challenges the group to a spitting contest. The second(and third, fourth, fifth, and on)people agree. One person goes to grab a bucket(with about an inch of water in the bottom), returns, and stands with the bucket about 5 yards(15 feet) away from the group. The challenger goes first. He/she needs to act as if they are all that, knowing they will win this. They fake spit up into the air loudly, so the audience is under the impression that they did spit. They will point to, supposedly, the spit is, and say things like, "Look! There it is! Look!" When they point down to the bucket, the person holding the bucket will inconspicuously tap the bottom of the bucket with one finger, making it sound like the spit landed in the bucket. The rest of the group will take their turns spitting, making the "spit" fly through the air as funny as they wish, with the bucket holder tapping the bottom each time. After everyone has gone, they will all give high fives and call a tie, and the bucket holder will say, "Great job guys. But hey, what do I do with all this spit?" They will shrug and point to the audience. Then the bucket holder will empty the "spit" onto the unexpecting audience. You're sure to get a few screams.


A bucket, water, and some willing actors/actresses.


To give the illusion there really is some sort of spit flying through the air and landing in the bucket, and to surprise/cool down and audience. :-)
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Submitted by: Lexi Jones

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