This game is great for kids of any age.

Everyone stands in a circle, with one person in the middle. This person in the middle stands with his/her hands together like a finger gun, arms bent against their chest, so their "gun" is pointing up.

The person in the middle then turns to any player in the circle, pointing their finger gun at them and yelling "Splat!"

The person that was pointed to then ducks, and the 2 people on either side of this person in the circle must turn toward each other with their own finger guns and yell "Splat!" The person in the center determines who (either the person that ducked, or the two yelling splat) either messed up or who said "Splat!" last. This person is now out (unless it was a tie).

The game continues until there are two people left. Who then stand back to back, taking steps away from eachother until the person from the circle yells their predetermined code word, at which point the two final people spin around and yell splat. Whoever was faster wins and is the next person in the center.
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Submitted by: Jess Surprise Lake Camp

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