All stand in a circle, one person is nominated as "splatter" and stands in the middle. The person in the middle then randomly points at someone and shouts "Splat!"

The person they pointed at must duck, then the two people either side of the one who ducked must "splat" each other, by pointing the other and yelling, "Splat!"

The last one to do so is out, this continues until there are only 2 active people left in the circle. When you are out, you stay in the circle, but do not play. This is part of the challenge for the remaining players.

It gets harder with less numbers as it becomes harder to determine who is next to you as the numbers deplete but the circle size remains.

Once you are down to 2 people remaining active in the circle they stand back to back western style, then the person who was in the middle counts from 1 - 20. With each number the 2 remaining competitors must take a step away from one another, and at any random point between 1 & 20 the counter shouts splat instead of a number, at which point it's a quick draw on each other and the last one to point at their opponent and say splat is out leaving a winner.


a group of children!


To use quick reflexes to stay in the game as long as possible
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Submitted by: Nadia Dobson

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