For this game we set up a sheet of black plastic Visquene (or whatever it's called) that was wide enough for two kids to slide on at once.

We divided the kids into two teams and gave each team a sponge and a hose. One person on each team stood halfway down the slip'n'slide with the hose and tried to get the other team's sponge wet. (Also they keep the hose going on the slip'n'slide all the time so it was nice and slippery.)

The kids each had to run/slide down the slip'n'slide holding the sponge and trying to keep it dry. At the end of the slip'n'slide was a bucket and a member of the opposite team squeezed all the water out of the sponge. The goal was to fill up the other team's bucket before yours by getting their sponge wet and keeping yours dry.

Make sure you have soft ground for underneath your slip'n'slide. Our ground was pretty uneven and had rocks and our kids started running down it after the first few got bloody. We played this game with teenagers but it would work with kids too.


Large sheet of Visquene/slip'n'slide, 2 buckets, 2 sponges, 2 hoses, dish soap to make it slippery
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Submitted by: Chandra Hisel

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