You need a ball, lots of players, and boundary cones. The range varies from group size to group size. Group sizes under 500, but over 50, must be played on a large area.


Everybody is numbered (or lettered). Person 1 (called A) will yell out somebody's symbol and throw the ball high up in the air, everybody (even A) runs except for the called symbol, i.e. "F!" F is the sixth letter, so Person 6 (aka F) must grab the ball as quickly as possible! When s/he gets the ball, s/he must yell out "SPUD!!!" as loud as s/he can! Everybody else stops running and the best person for F to reach (up to three steps) is the target. F tries to get the target a letter (S, P, U, or D) by throwing the ball at the target. If the target is hit for the first time, s/he gets an S. Second time, P, etc. Then F throws the ball. Everybody has four lives. If somebody gets a D, s/he is kicked out if it's a tournament. Otherwise, the game's over.
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Submitted by: Jonathan Tsang

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