This game requires a group of at least five but can have as many campers as possible.

The children start in a group and one has a ball. The child with the ball will throw the ball as high as they can in the air and yell another child's name. All of the other children must run away as fast as possible and the child who was called catches the ball. Once the child caught the ball or has picked up the ball they yell spud and all of the other children must stop running.

The child with the ball can then take three steps or leaps towards any of the children and tries to hit them with the ball. If the child they are throwing at catches the ball or the throw misses them no one gets a letter. If the ball hits the child the child gets a letter, "S". The game is over when one child gets all of the letters S-P-U-D.

The child who's name was called is the next thrower.


Billy starts with the ball and throws it in the air and yells "Jake!"- All other children run away and Jake tries to catch the ball.

Once Jake catches the ball he yells "SPUD" and all other children must stop running. Jake will then take three steps towards any child and try to hit them or another child with the ball. After he attempts to hit a child Jake throws the ball in the air and yells someone else's name.




Get a player out by making them spell SPUD.
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Submitted by: Rachael Freeman

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