Explain that the quietest of animals will eat during the harsh winter. If the prey has heard you, you will not be eating this winter.

You have one person sit on the ground with a blindfold on. They are the "prey". They have sticks on the ground between their legs.

The rest of the group are "predators" who are stalking their "prey" (the sticks on the ground). At the start of the game, as the leader calls them out, the predators start making their way to their prey as quiet as possible.

If the prey hears the predator, they point in the direction of the sound they heard. If they are pointing to a predator, that predator goes back and has to try again as the prey heard them and ran away (theroetically).

The prey can also wave around their arms and hands to try to touch a predator as they are trying to grab a stick and make it back to where they started from.


Bandanna (blindfold), sticks on the ground.
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Submitted by: Keith Hodges

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