Pick safe zones at either end of the camp, then pick at least 3 people to be stampers at these zones, preferably counselors.

Next select around 10 to 16 campers to be the chasers. We usually select two cabins, one boys and the other girls. Each of these players must have a crayon. (No pens or sharp objects)

The rest of the campers then must start at one safe zone and attempt to get to the other safe zone with out being tagged by a chaser. Each of these campers must have a pad or a piece of paper.

Each time a camper makes it to a safe zone they get a stamp on their paper from the stampers. If a camper is tagged by a chaser they get one stamp crossed off their paper and they must go back to their original safe zone and start over.

The camper with the most stamps is the winner.

You can make this a team event by setting a number of cummulative stamps to receive per team. Players would have to periodically check with their teamates to tally their stamps.

You can rename "chasers" to something more creative - banshees, superheroes, etc.


pieces of cloth or anything else the chasers can wear so they are easily distinguished by the campers.


To have the most stamps on their paper.
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Submitted by: Brittney Guthmiller

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