TECH IT OUT Robotics Summer Camp in HOUSTON, PEARLAND, SPRING, AND SUGARLAND offers youth an experimental learning opportunity to test their robotics hardware, robot programming software and teamwork skills in a friendly culminating Robotics Challenge!
A great idea is to have students learn the technical names to the LEGO used in the building of the robot. After they learn the structure and function the parts. Play a friendly game of Robot Bingo where each student has a BINGO board with the names of the LEGO category and a bag of LEGO with at least 4 examples of each category. In a powerpoint have pictures of each LEGO category part. Just like regular BINGO, when a picture comes up they pull an example of their part out of their bag and use it to cover up the category name on their BINGO board. YELL ROBOT BINGO when they have 5 in a row, column, diagonally, or four corners!


LEGO Parts BINGO Boards Power Point Presentation


LEGO Nomenclature Identifying specific structure or function of LEGO Parts.
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Submitted by: Jane Taylor, (Director - TECH IT OUT- Houston, Pearland, Sugarland, Spring)

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