This activity encourages campers to think outside of the box, and works best in forested ares with lots of sticks around.

The counselor draws a box in the dirt and selects a unique stick. They then explain that the stick will be hidden somewhere within this box. When the camper thinks they have found the stick, they should come whisper it in the counselor's RIGHT ear.

Remind the campers to whisper quietly, and when they do find it, step out of the box and remain silent.

Have the children step outside the box, turn around, and close their eyes.

Place the stick behind your RIGHT ear (see where this is going...). Make sure you stay in the box and tell the children they can begin their search.

Make sure the kids don't tell once they find out, and sometimes the last child to catch on can catch some flak, so try to put a stop to that as soon as possible.

Obviously, it only really works once, so choose your timing wisely!

This could also work in non-wooded areas... just mark off an area and use pencils or anything available!


Think outside the box!
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Submitted by: Janene Giuseffi

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