Draw a circle (about 5 ft in diamiter), spell the word stop the middle of it.

Have each child pick an animal as their name. Have every child stand at the edge of the circle.

Have one person be "IT". the child that is it says "At the zoo, i took a picture of a/an....." then have them call out a frieds animal name.

The child with the animal name that was called has to jump into thee circle and yell "STOP!" while everyone else scratters away from the circle. As soon as everyone heres the child say "STOP!" they have to freeze right where they are.

The child that yelled "STOP!" has to guess how many steps it takes to get to one of the kids that ran, right from where they are.

Then they must walk twards them counting, out loud, every step taken. When they reach a child, if they where right on how many steps taken, they give the other kid a point. If their guess was wrong, they get a point.

If you get three points, you are out of the game and have to sit out.


The point of the game is the get no point and be the last one standing.
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Submitted by: Noel Leon

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