This is a one-sided capture the flag game. It requires 3 or more participants and a playfield as large or small as needed for the size group. A flag (flashlight, shoe, hiking stick, pillow, etc) is carried by the person designated "Norman". They run off into the woods to post the flag wherever they wish, so long as its accessible by any of the other players. The rest of the players stay at base (a designated area) and count 40 seconds. After they finish counting the whole team goes out and seek the flag.

If "Norman" tags a seeker they immediately become on the "Norman" team. If they are holding the flag they immediately drop it as well. The seekers win by retrieving the flag and returning it to the base. Normans win by tagging all the seekers (Normalizing them).

*This is a great game for day or night, it combines hide and seek and capture the flag elements. Strategies change s quickly in this dynamic action game.


Need some sort of flag.


Capture the flag and/or Tag.
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Submitted by: Brother Carey

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