Once,there was a little girl going to camp.Before she left, her parents gave her a little ragdoll. Even though she hated it, she pretended to like it. When she arrived at camp she stuffed it in the back of her drawer and went to meet the other girls in her group.

Later, when she was sleeping, the doll came out of the drawer, took the pocket knife from the counselor's cabin and went on the girl with a leap. The girl felt the doll land and when she saw the doll she screamed at the top of her lungs. The other girls woke up, turned on the lights and went to see if there was anything wrong but when there wasn't, and they were all mad at the girl. She went back to sleep happy it was "all a dream".

The next night the doll still came on her with a leap and she still woke up but this time she took the doll in her hands, took the knife and then screamed. She thought "Surely a doll won't escape from me!" But when the lights went on the doll disapeared. The girls were still mad at her , but she told them "Next time I scream, don't turn the lights on." The other girls agreed and they all went back to sleep.

Before she went to sleep the next day the girl wished that everything would go well and the doll will disapear without doing any harm or even trying to harm someone. Then she went to sleep. At midnight sharp, the doll came again but this time it didn't leap so the girl didnt feel anything. At 12:01 the girl took her last breath.

When the girls woke up the next day all they found was a bloodstained pocket knife, the girl and a note saying "If you ever decide to not appreciate the things people give you I'll be back."

This is why most people like any gift you give them, no matter what it is and if they already had it.
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Submitted by: Sarah Cooper

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