Have two campers volunteer to be "It" one will be a cat and the other a mouse (or any other version of pursuer and pursued you can come up with). The facilitator will then be in charge of the rest of the group. The rest of the campers will need to get into lines (the more square the group the better, so if you have say 25 campers, have 5 rows of 5). With the campers in lines, have them face the facilitator, with their arms stretched out. This will be "streets" and the cat and mouse are able to run in the openings between the lines, but they can't break through the arms. When the facilitator yells "alleys" the campers turn to the left and change the layout of the "map" so now the cat and mouse have to cope with a different path.


1. Physical-don't let the streets and alleys campers hold hands, things can get broken or sprained.. no paperwork! and if the ground is gravel or asphalt, let the campers know that they need to be careful, if necessary limit the cat and mouse to very fast walking to prevent slips and further injury.

2. Emotional-don't let one camper continue to be alienated by having to chase other campers, let them be chased, and switch out after a period of time

Other than that, this is a fun high-energy game! the campers i have ever played it with have always loved it, at any age, even the adults I have worked with!


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Submitted by: Amanda Aldous

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